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About Fitness Rebooted

Founded by fitness enthusiast, Kat Robertson, Fitness Rebooted is all about making health attainable in every day life. With a certification in Personal Fitness Training from the International Sports Sciences Association, Kat developed a community-based group fitness program that is NOT about pushing fads or diets, but teaching you how to make practical modifications to how you live on an ongoing basis in order to improve your overall level of fitness. With this comes assessing the changes as well as the progress and being accountable from day to day.

We offer a virtual boot camp open worldwide (currently only presented in English) as well as three local boot camp classes in Gwinnett County, GA. Our primary focus is to help you gradually and consistently develop healthy habits along with an active lifestyle that will last a lifetime. This program is for every day people who are looking to get information, support, and guidance on things like nourishment, activity, and equipment that can help you get in shape and become healthier physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

Forget everything you thought you knew about losing fat, building strength, getting in shape, and staying that way! Cut through all the gimmicks and all the nonsense and join this community on a journey toward a healthier you. It’s not going to be easy. We’re not cutting corners. We’re doing it the right way and loving the ride! We keep it very real, very raw, and very natural around here! It’s not about dieting or making yourself miserable in order to drop a few pounds using techniques that you could never live with long term. It’s about making small changes that you barely notice — changes that you can live with — while getting more active and changing your habits without feeling like you’re giving up everything you like.

The motto here is ALL THINGS IN MODERATION. You don’t have to ban your favorite food or nearly kill yourself with an insane amount of every day — just learn how to control your portions and balance what goes INTO your body on a regular basis and keep your body moving. We believe in gradual lifestyle changes with assessments and accountability. Sound simple enough?

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A Letter from the Trainer:

In 2008, after the birth of my fifth child, I was over 200 pounds at 5′ 3″ and the heavy end of my healthy weight is ideally around 143 pounds. I was sluggish, had no energy, and was plagued daily with the symptoms of Fibromyalgia — horrible body aches, migraines several times every week, and a memory that failed me more than it didn’t. I felt like my body was working against me. I “tried” losing weight many times over the following three years, but repeatedly gave up. I quit. And quit. And quit. By 2012, I was barely 20 pounds lighter — and NO healthier.

I began to realize how flawed my perception was regarding my weight. For me, it had always been about my outward appearance and not about how I felt or how healthy I was. There is a difference between not being overweight and actually being healthy. I realized that I needed to change the way I thought about food and the way I approached activity. Without doing that, I would always experience the yo-yo cycle… I would lose enough to feel okay about how I looked, believing that I never would really get my pre-baby body back – that I would never truly be happy with my body again – and then I would quit focusing on my eating habits, quit exercising, and gain it all back again. And again.

After a few weeks of training myself to look at what went into my body differently and ensuring that I was maintaining a higher level of activity, I realized I was slowly developing an aversion to things that didn’t NURTURE my body and I craved things that were more natural, less fatty, and supported my fitness routine — like WATER. As I started sharing my excitement throughout my social network via my blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, people began to tell me how much I was motivating them, how apparent my results were becoming… and it helped me to feel accountable. It’s amazing how much I was encouraged to continue staying on track by all the support OTHERS were getting from me simply sharing my story.

Over time, I began to see that having a support system — or at least a system of accountability — was something extremely essential for me to successfully make lifestyle changes; to successfully break habits that were formed gradually over the course of several years. Having that system in addition to changing my MINDSET gave me the tools I needed to get the results I wanted. I had to make my own mind up to be a HEALTHIER person and as I became serious about reaching specific goals, the fact that people around me started pushing me and rooting me on made me feel empowered…

I developed a feeling of responsibility for continuing my journey because others had been motivated by what I had achieved. They wanted to see me succeed just as much as I did because it let them know THEY could do it, too. This is where I found the added value in getting healthier as a community — motivating and inspiring one another to pick up and take off! Join us :) I’d love to hear YOUR story in the coming weeks…



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