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FAQs: Online Boot Camp

Can children join?

Our online boot camp program is for individuals ages 16 and older.

Our Dacula and Lawrenceville, GA boot camp classes are open to all persons ages 13 and up. Exceptions are made on a case by case basis for younger athletes or mature children who are capable of following instructions regarding form and other important aspects to ensure proper prevention of related injury. Absolutely NO child under the age of 10 will be permitted to engage in boot camp activities due to liability insurance restrictions. Children ages 17 and under can attend FREE with a parent’s primary membership or for $35 monthly under their own membership. 

Do any of your programs include one-on-one consultation?

0Our online boot camp includes email consultation as well as online coaching for participants through the closed/private Facebook group and messenger.

Our local Gwinnett County, GA boot camp classes include one-on-one consultations with advanced notice given to the trainer as follows:

  • Dacula morning class: 15 minutes prior to or following each class
  • Dacula evening class: 15 minutes following each class
  • Lawrenceville evening class: 15 minutes prior to each class

How long does each session last?

It depends on the option that you choose. Sessions begin on the first Monday of the designated month and last eight weeks each if you wish to do the full program. If you opt to do one phase of the program, you may begin the phase on your own or with a friend at any time and each phase lasts four weeks.

If you choose the 4-week “Phase 1” or “Phase 2” program and are starting on the first Monday of any month, you also have the option of joining in with the full program members for that phase in which case you would begin on schedule with the current session. This is great for those who want an accountability partner but do not have a friend to join the program with.

What if the session has already begun?

Members who join a full 8-week session after it has begun will be prorated based on which bi-weekly period the session is in at the time of registration. Late registrations will need to be done manually by invoice unless registering for Phase 2 which can be done through the website by selecting the 4-week option. If you are unsure of which registration to select, submit a request via the contact form or email team@fitnessrebooted.com.

How much does online membership cost?

There are two options you can choose from to start out.

  • Trial Membership: This allows the participant access to Assessments as well as Monday’s workout of each week for the duration of the 8-week session. This option is currently $10. You may upgrade your membership at any time. You may also join the main Fitness Rebooted Facebook group to interact with other members, but trial members do not have an accountability partner or access to our closed Challenge group.
  • Full Membership: This provides you with FULL access to all online resources including the closed Facebook group which is for full members ONLY, full workout program, menu plan, accountability partner, the closed Challenge group, and more. All details can be found by clicking here. The cost is $30 for one phase (4 weeks) or $50 for the full program (8 weeks).

How much time will I need to set aside for each day’s workout?

Each workout is going to vary in length and intensity, but on average you will need to set aside anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour depending on your current fitness level and the speed you’re able to complete each exercise with proper form. As you progress and become accustomed to the program and more efficient in your movements, your workouts will take less time overall.

The program is progressive which means that it begins relatively light and increases in difficulty over time. Obviously a 3-mile cardio day is going to take much longer than a 1-mile cardio day, so you’ll need to ensure that you can make a commitment of up to an hour each day. If you sleep 8 hours per night, an hour is only 6% of your time awake each day… Many people feel they don’t have time, but in most cases it’s about MAKING time.

What happens if I become injured or ill and cannot complete the program?

If you are physically unable to complete the duration of the program due to medical reasons, your account will be placed on medical hold. Once you have been cleared for activity by your physician, depending on how much time you have lost, you will be able to either resume the current program or will be scheduled to participate in the next upcoming session.

For those who have become injured, proof of medical release will be required to rejoin.

Lost days due to sickness or other circumstances do not roll over to the next session.

If you are indefinitely prevented from further participation, your membership can be transferred.

What happens if I miss a workout?

If you cannot avoid missing a workout, you are expected to make it up at some point during the week. Since our program is designed to work each region of the body once per week, you won’t want to miss a day. The best way to make up a workout is to incorporate it into the next cardio day so that you aren’t doing two different strength training routines on the same day.

During our two-week cardio-intensive recovery period (the end of Phase 2), if you miss a workout, you will need to make that workout up during our rest day -or- set aside time during another day to complete one workout early in the day and another in the evening.

What if I am unable to participate for non-medical reasons?

Since this is a membership-based program, we do not refund the dues once membership is activated and access is granted. However, your membership can be transferred. Account holds for non-medical reasons are granted under certain circumstances.

What sort of workouts can I expect?

Our workouts are extremely dynamic and you never know what to expect from day to day! No two workouts will quite be the same and the layout and format of every assigned day will be different. Each workout will include styles inspired by weight training, plyometrics, calisthenics, dance, yoga, kickboxing, and more!

Our program is structured to cater to individuals at ANY fitness level simultaneously since each participant is able to go at their own pace and every exercise contains modifications for beginning health enthusiasts as well as advanced athletes. There is something for everyone! We run an intimidation-free zone and our group classes are upbeat, encouraging, and accepting of every single member. Whether you can barely touch your toes or are sprinting at light speed, you’ll fit right in!

We believe that no matter what current shape you’re in, you should start where you are and do what you can. Improvement is inevitable and we’re all here to motivate one another to get better, stronger, faster, and above all HEALTHIER. Our mantra is, “Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can! It won’t get easier but you WILL get better!”

Will I need any special equipment?

You will need the following equipment to participate in EITHER of our boot camp programs (online or at any of our local Gwinnett County, GA locations):

  • Exercise mat, at least 1/2″ thick
  • Dumbbells, between 5-15 pounds depending on your current fitness level (for women, it is advised that you begin with 3-5 pounds if you’re a beginner, 8 pounds if you are at an intermediate fitness level, or 10 pounds for those who are more advanced; for men, it is recommended that you begin with 5-15 pounds depending on that same criteria)
  • Resistance bands are optional for online Rebooters and will be provided for our local Rebooters


  • Scale, preferably one with body composition calculation capability but basic scales are sufficient
  • Tape measure

Optional for either class:

  • Good quality water bottle
  • Sweat towel/cooling towel

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